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  • Sharon Buethner - Age 44, St Paul
    Real friendly service. Thanks to all at Minnesota Health Insurance for finding us a great policy!
    Total Savings: $96/month
  • Tom Hagemann - Age 54, Edina
    Five star service. Staying local pays off!
    Total Savings: $139/month
  • Norm Clayton - Age 38, Ely
    Living out in the country, you don’t have much choice when it comes to services. Minnesota Health Insurance’s online service satisfied all our family’s insurance needs.
    Total Savings: $89/month
  • Theresa Fellner - Age 56, Duluth
    Thank you MHI for providing excellent support after I bought my policy.
    Total Savings: $129/month

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Minnesota has long been one of America’s healthiest states, and we at Minnesota Health Insurance are proud to have been insuring the citizens of the 10,000 Lake State for over a quarter of a century.

Whether you are a resident of the twin cities or live as far afield as Roseau or Grand Portage, we can offer you comprehensive health insurance for the state of Minnesota in a variety of packages, including group insurance; individual insurance; small business insurance and supplementary plans.

Minnesotans have more health insurance per capita than any other state and we at Minnesota Health insurance are happy to have played a part in this statistic. It’s a reflection of our community’s caring nature and strong family values and that we all want to look after ourselves and each other.

With health insurance regulated by the state, you can buy from us with confidence, as all our agents deal solely in Minnesota health insurance and know the industry inside out. We are committed to finding you not only the best deal, but also the most appropriate plan, whatever your requirements.

Our company will insure anyone, regardless of their circumstances. Should you be suffering from, or have in the past suffered from, a pre-existing condition, we will still find you the comprehensive cover that you deserve. We believe insurance isn’t only a necessity; it’s also your right.

Minnesota has such a rich cultural heritage going way back to the days of the first European settlers and beyond. It is a truly unique state with truly unique people, and a great and fulfilling place to live.

Minnesotans lead more active lives than anywhere else in America, dedicating more hours to personal exercise per person. We are clearly a community that takes our personal wellbeing clearly, so it makes sense that we should all be covered to ensure our longevity and keep our culture intact.

Whatever your insurance needs, speak to one of our accredited insurance professionals and we’ll do all we can to secure you. Alternatively, submit the online form (above) and we’ll send you FREE real time quotes according to your requirements.

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